Fall Edition: Your Guide To Outdoor Adventure On The Edge of Edmonton

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Everyone loves making fun of pumpkin spice lattes, but they’re… really good. A seasonal goodness, not something you’d want to drink any other time of the year but fall, or perhaps on a particularly crisp evening. The adult version of powdered apple cider drinks. They make you want to go to a corn maze or watch scarlet leaves fall from trees. Fortunately, the Tri-Region has spots for both those activities.

Fall Family Fun Activities

Edmonton Corn Maze

In support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital, the 2019 Corn Maze is grown in the image of Dr. Patch Up, the Hospital’s teddy bear mascot. With 85 decision points and over 5km of pathways, the maze will take about an hour to complete. It’s right outside the city, so head west to Parkland County!

Somerset Farms

Pick your own pumpkins! Ever wanted to make pumpkin soup? Pumpkin pie? Or would you rather stick to pumpkin carving? Whether you need tiny sugar pumpkins or gigantic lanterns, they’ll have it with 20 varieties!

Fall Camping at Diamond Grove RV Park

Fall is an excellent time to camp. Diamond Grove RV is minutes from Spruce Grove and just outside of Edmonton – making a weekend fall camping trip totally attainable, even with the kids in school all week. If you’re limiting your camping season to the summer months, you’re missing out. As an added bonus, pamper yourself by renting one of Diamond Grove’s Luxury Spas while on your camping trip.

Fall Events

Spruce Grove’s Public Market

Head to Spruce Grove on September 8th, 2019 for the Public Market. These family-friendly events take place throughout the summer and fall each year – featuring entertainment, local crafts, fresh produce and area artisans.

Stony Plain Community Street Market

On September 14th, 2019, visit Stony Plain’s community mainstreet garage sale with over 100 booths of collectibles, art, crafts, food, and antiques!

Harvest Festival

Stony Plain’s Pioneer Museum is an outdoors leap back in time to when settlers arrived in Alberta, their Harvest Festival marks the end of their season annually. This year it takes place on September 28th, and there will be plenty to do, from wagon rides and live music to displays and their signature Tea House serving delicious lunch and pies!

Fall Walks & Hikes Just West of Edmonton

Willow Park Natural Area

This quaint trail system in Stony Plain makes a splendid autumn walk. Ever feeling spontaneous and just need to get out and breathe in the winds? This is your spot.

Heritage Trails

Spruce Grove’s Heritage Grove Park is great for biking, walking, or running. In summer, enjoy a beautiful walk cut with shade. In winter, enjoy the birds that call the trails home. Fall, however, is something entirely different. The gorgeous path and the riveting colours of the trees make any walk something to remember.

Cpl. Jim Galloway Off Leash Park

Dogs love the fall too! Well, they love everything, but that pile of leaves is looking mighty playful. This off leash park has designated areas for smaller dogs, nearly a kilometre of gravel walking trails, parking stalls, and bathroom options for both you and your pup. It’s all fenced in, so let your dog free!

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area

What better spot to be during fall than surrounded by trees? Everyone loves Chickakoo Lake in the summer. Lots of lake, lots of trees, lots of shade, and lots of trails. In fall, it’s even better. There’s no mosquitoes, no need for the shade, and you still get that wonderful sound of wind rustling the leaves in the poplar trees. Don’t try to enjoy the beauty of fall from your porch, come out and be a part of it.

Devonian Trail

Walk along the riverside and crunch leaves under your toes. Connecting Prospector’s Point and the Devonian Botanical Gardens, this lovely trail just barely southwest of Edmonton is even more captivating in the fall.

We can’t wait to see you in the Tri-Region this fall!